From friction to flow


Think: Everything is ENERGY, which means that the answers to your next steps, goals, dreams and struggles can be found within it. 


Do you sometimes feel like you’ve hit a wall in your business and you aren’t sure where to turn or what’s happening?

  • Maybe your sales are fine, BUT you feel super apathetic or unexcited…where has the passion gone?

  • Maybe your heart’s in it 100%, BUT you haven’t quite cracked the code to bringing in the benjamin's…what’s “off” and why isn’t it working yet?

  • Maybe you’ve got a lot of good ideas for where you’re headed or what you want to start, BUT you just can’t seem to get it off the ground…why do you keep getting in your own way?

  • Maybe you’re at a wit’s end, BUT you aren’t sure if it’s just a phase or if it's time to sell or transition into something else entirely!

Wherever you’re at and however you’re feeling, it’s totally normal and countless others have stood exactly where you stand…at a crossroads between where you are and where you’re headed. 
Crossroads are always going to exist and when we get to them, there will always be a decision to make, but whether we get through them with ease and flow or fight and friction depends a LOT on the energy we find ourselves in.

For me, life has been a series of attempts to find more flow and move through pesky friction. In fact, I've spent most of my life searching for a solution to ail life's discomforts.

And while all the trainings I've taken, degree's I've received and coaches I've hired have been helpful...nothing has been as impactful as learning to shift my life on an ENERGETIC level. 

As an Intuitive Business Strategist, I help creatives, leaders and entrepreneurs reconnect with their energy, gain clarity and get aligned so that they can spend less time in the discomfort of friction and more time a state of flow. 


I do through by mentoring others in harnessing their own energetic powers as well as accessing their own inner-knowing and business solutions

Let's Get Acquainted


Are you new to my neck of the woods and you're looking to dip your toes in the water?

I have a mix a fun resources that are a great starting point ranging from blog posts, podcast episodes, free guides, books and even group energy clearing opportunities. 

I've compiled all of these onto one Welcome Page so that you can peruse my creations as we get to know each other better over the coming months. 


Let's Go!

Intuitive Business Support

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve hit a wall in your business and you aren’t sure where to turn or what’s happening?

As an Intuitive Business Strategist, I have a knack for helping entrepreneurs navigate the muddy waters of launching, growing and even selling their businesses. 

From one-off Intuitive Clarity calls to my Aligned Entrepreneur Mastermind; I have something special from my energetically-aware entrepreneur friends. 


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Energetic Training Programs

Do you identify as "energetically sensitive" and you're looking to cultivate these assets so that you can find more flow in life & business? 

From simple self-paced Energy Hygiene Courses to high-touch yearlong  clairvoyant & healing programs; I have unique programs that cater to sensitive CEO's, creatives and entrepreneurs. 

I promise these will be like nothing you've seen before. 

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The Podcast






The Empathic Entrepreneur Podcast with Anna Long-Stokes is a business and marketing podcast where we’ll uncover the roadblocks that most energetically-sensitive entrepreneurs and creatives face on their journey to success and how to move past these blocks to live a purpose-driven and energetically aligned life.



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