What’s Your Business’s Umbrella Message?

What’s Your Business’s Umbrella Message?

Hello there Empire Builders! I’m back from Spain and back in action! It’s my kick-off week for Ease and Profits, and I have a whole slew of amazing ladies signed up to focus on upping their marketing game and maximizing their profits in the next 6 months.

The screening process for Ease and Profits really got me to thinking: Why are some business owners ready to market and profit, while others aren’t ready at all? I’ve seen a trend among new entrepreneurs to “hold back” and market less than they need to in those first few years of business. As you can guess, this inevitably impacts how quickly they are able to actually turn their hobby business into a paying venture

It’s not that they don’t understand the need to put themselves out there and shout their amazingness from the rooftops … it’s that they are often stuck on how to even go about describing what they do. More specifically, they’re unable to describe what their UMBRELLA MESSAGE is.

When you get clear on your message, marketing becomes a seamless extension of your business, and it isn’t as hard! (TWEET THAT)

In today’s blog post, I’m going to talk about what I like to call your “umbrella message,” and how getting clear on this can have you profiting sooner — rather than later.

So what’s an “umbrella message”?

An umbrella message can be your tagline, but not always. Most importantly, it is used to describe the overarching theme that encompasses the work that you do with your clients. For people like web designers or copywriters, this can be very easy to describe. But for businesses that blend many skills or passions into a service, program or product, it can be MUCH HARDER to identify and define.

For instance, my tagline is “Spark plugs for your small biz,” but my umbrella message is definitely “I help entrepreneurs build the empire that they were born to rule.”

This message is broad enough to encompass the various levels of entrepreneurs that I work with and the various ways that I help them succeed in business. If I didn’t have this, I would get held up in a clunky description of how I help entrepreneurs in different stages of business do various necessary things to help them profit. Let’s just say it wouldn’t be as sexy, and it wouldn’t lead to as many follow-up questions from inquiring individuals.

Why do you need an umbrella message?

Here are a few of the main reasons why I think you need an umbrella message:

  1. Especially if you provide less-tangible services – say coaching, energy work, consulting, etc., or if you blend many services or skills (i.e. you are multi-passionate) – you likely find yourself at a loss for words when you are expected to quickly describe what you do and who you do it for. If you don’t have the words for what you sell, people won’t buy what you sell.

  2. When you you don’t have a clear message that describes your work, you likely appear much less confident when describing what you do, and confidence sells!

  3. When you can’t sum up your work in a clear message, you might find yourself stuck in a hefty, long summary of your work that doesn’t hold people’s attention (whether face-to-face or via the interwebs!). When you lose their attention, you’ve lost a sale.

So having an umbrella message is going to help you sell confidently, and it will also help your ideal clients identify YOU as the solution to their needs and desires.

But how do you find your umbrella message?

Great question!

While I don’t consider myself to have a “system” in place to help my clients find their message, I do have a series of exercises that have helped many of them get more clear on their message. We are then able to work together on tweaking it until we feel it’s perfect.

Here are 3 things you can ask yourself to help you find your umbrella message:

  1. What is one thing that you do for ALL your clients, regardless of whatever the package or service is that they purchase from you? Do all your clients leave feeling a certain way, obtaining a certain skills, etc.? For instance, I help ALL of my clients build businesses.

  1. What is one pattern or theme that you have noticed about ALL your clients? Are they all women? Entrepreneurs? Etc. For instance, ALL of my clients appear to have skills that they were born with that I help them build a business around (born to rule).

  1. What skill, passion, trait or blend of all of the above do you bring to the table to help your clients get results? For instance, even though I help with marketing and clarity, ALL of my work is based on intuition and strategy. Hence, I’m an Intuitive Business Strategist.

Now pull it all together into 1 statement:________, _________, _________.

My example: I’m an intuitive business strategist (3), and I help entrepreneurs (2) build the empires (1) they were born to rule (3).

My statement is general enough to include all the various ways that I work with clients, but specific enough to have my ideal clients asking to hear more.

To be honest, a lot of people struggle with landing on a message that feels right and manages to do all of the things I described above. While this process isn’t always easy or fast, walking through these steps will help you gain clarity about WHO you help and HOW you help them. The exploration is a big part of the value in landing on a message, so don’t rush it!

If you’d like to share your message or get feedback on it, feel free to post in the comments section below! If you have a question about this process, don’t hesitate to email me and ask! That’s what I’m here for 😉



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