Is It About the Small Steps or the Big Leap?

Is It About the Small Steps or the Big Leap?

Yesterday, while I was hanging out at Cerritos Beach in Todos Santos, I filmed a 10-minute intro video for my course (Idea to Empire).  My intention was to spend a few minutes sharing what the last year of my life as an entrepreneur was like with this new group of bold souls embarking on launching their businesses. Not surprisingly, this process made me reflect ALOT on the past year.

It’s easy for people to sit back and say, “oh yeah – Anna has ‘the life’ … she must be lucky … I could never just pick up and travel and move to Mexico for the Winter,” etc. Those who know me well, though, have seen my little struggles and triumphs throughout the entire process. They have shared with me in small success (like getting my first paid client) and have been there for me when all I wanted to do was retreat, admit defeat, crawl up into a ball, and “call the whole thing quits.”

 The truth: Sometimes a big leap is actually a series of small steps.

I could sit back and say that a year ago I had a business idea, and so I quit my job, and now I live all over the world and am wildly successful … but that would be a lie and a disservice to all aspiring and new business owners.

In reality, I spent a lot of time in my head. I imagined the possibility of having to really put myself out there. I tried on new ideas more frequently than I did new outfits. I came face-to-face with my money blocks and fear of being seen (and judged). Everything I did that lead up to my “big leap” (quitting my job and traveling) was really a series of small choices, and the reality is that life would be boring without these.

So don’t judge yourself for what you haven’t done, and breathe easy knowing that you’re exactly where you need to be right now. When you feel the pull to take a baby step (or a big leap) towards a new life, I (and many others) will be here waiting to catch you, steady you, and walk beside you as your journey unfolds.

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18 Responses to Is It About the Small Steps or the Big Leap?

  1. Woah girl, I feel ya on this one! Spending a lot of time in your head sums it up for me. Sooo important to remember all the little steps it takes, and to plan those into the future instead of hoping you’ll get to the goal in one jump. I’m certain your new program will be biz changing for all who join- excited for you!

  2. Good to know I wasn’t the only one wanting to hide under the covers some days. It is a roller coaster that’s for sure! Try and take a step every day. Some days they’ll be small. But they all counts

  3. I love this! It really puts everything in perspective to think of it that way. Especially when you don’t feel like you’re doing enough. I have to always remind myself that it’s better to at least do something, than to stall because you’re too overwhelmed with getting everything done. Small steps do lead somewhere too 🙂

    • You are right Megan, that’s where a lot of people get stuck. They know they want something, they see the big picture, but then they expect it to just happen and get overwhelmed in the little details (steps) that get you from point A to point B. My new approach is announcing my intentions (the big picture) to the world and then moving backward step by step to make it happen. That is how I’m launching my first course and writing my first book!

  4. I love how you articulated this Anna!

    It’s so rare that we have one idea and just go for it and it works. It’s more like spaghetti on the walls trying to figure it out, changing our mind like outfits. All we can do is keep our eyes on our own work, and push the work forward an inch at a time.

    Small steps make the biggest differences.

    • They really do Farideh! Sometimes we get so consumed with watching all the seemingly awesome big leaps everyone around us is making and we forget that they all took small steps too. 🙂

  5. This post gives great perspective! Even the biggest changes – in life, business, or otherwise – can be broken down into smaller, less intimidating pieces. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Recently I read that they never do reality shows about you know, reality because it would be much too boring. Most people aren’t really overnight successes. There were all these small steps they had to take to make it big. But that’s dull and uninteresting so that’s not what we see on TV. And because others don’t see all the little steps along the journey, we think we’re failing in some way if we don’t make it big overnight. It’s always so nice for me hear someone like you say, “It takes time. You’re where you need to be right now.” So thanks!

    • You are so very welcome Amanda and I never thought of that with famous people too. I mean how many really have a BIG break? Some do and I bet a lot of little steps positioned them for that big break!

  7. Perfect timing and so true. It’s so easy to imagine you should be ‘further forwards’ than you are right now. But when we get into that mode of thinking we completely ignore how far we’ve actually come.

    Thank you for sharing your journey- you would never know that you faced those fears as you are such a natural at putting yourself out there. A real inspiration.

  8. Small steps, small steps, small steps! If I would have only looked at the big overall goal when I first started out I would have given up a long time ago and definitely wouldn’t be where I am today. It takes hard work but that hard work feels so good when it’s in bite size chunks!

    • Dito Amanda! I remember a few years into running my skincare business that I was laughing telling someone that had I known how much work it would be…I probably wouldn’t have done it. Good thing I was naive starting out or else I wouldn’t have ever stuck it out and succeeded in that biz (which propelled me to start this one!)

  9. Hi Anna, looking forward to the Intro Video! I am already very glad that I have decided to take this journey with you!

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