Here is a sampling of what a few of my AMAZING clients had to say about working with me...

My reading with Anna was magnificent!

 She provided some very helpful insights about some big-picture themes in my life that will help me more forward in an energized and positive direction. She helped me address a troubling relationship with a family member and 5 days after my reading, I’m already feeling much more free from the struggle I’d previously faced with that person.


Portland, OR


Before I had my reading with Anna, I’ll admit I was nervous it might be weird or scary, but I was pleasantly surprised! Her space was beautiful, warm and inviting. That and her laid back, reassuring demeanor put me right at ease.

Her reading was amazing; what she saw about me and about my life felt spot on, and it really helped me get clarity around the changes I’ve needed to make but haven’t known how to begin.

I would highly recommend Anna – from start to finish it was a very positive, affirming experience. If you feel stuck in your life, a reading from Anna will help move you forward.


Portland, OR

I saw Anna for my first clairvoyant reading and going into it I didn’t know what to expect. She was the perfect guide! Warm, welcoming, down-to-earth, and confident in her abilities, I felt at ease in her space.

The reading itself was very interesting, and a few things she shared have stuck with me in the months since. If you’re someone who is curious about exploring new ways of learning about yourself and the world around you, I highly recommend having a reading with Anna!


Portland, OR


Anna got me moving forward - Finally!

When I decided to work with Anna one-on-one I was so stuck. I had read so many different things, joined so many groups, taken so many courses and had so many ideas that I was just paralyzed and wasn’t making any real progress in my business.

In just four weeks Anna gave me a good shake and got me on a clear path. She showed me how to make a plan and stick with it. Now I have a shiny new program that I feel REALLY good about, a detailed marketing plan to get it out there and I know what I need to be working on each day. It feels great! Thank you Anna!

Sara Best

Registered Holistic Nutritionist at If Your Body Could Talk

Anna makes business growth SO EASY!!

Anna was great to work with! She is the perfect combination of supportive and encouraging with a healthy dose of calling it like it is. You know, those truths you need to hear. She has great access to her intuition and fabulous ideas for marketing and general biz operations. She filled in all the blank spots in my business to round things out which has made a huge difference!

But the most amazing thing about working with Anna was that she was able to turn something that I'm totally dramatic about and afraid of (writing copy) into something so simple with her special approach. It was super helpful and I got my services page copy out in one session after putting it over for a year and a half!! Thanks, Anna

Mara Belzer

Web Designer at Mara Belzer


Anna's spot on insights and laser strategy skills were just what I needed, in under an hour I had a solid plan to move my business forward

Anna asked the questions which highlighted exactly where I was holding myself back in my thinking, and with her help I now have a clear direction and focus for my offerings and I’m excited to get to work to bring it to life.

We all need someone who will give it to us straight and Anna has a way of cutting straight through your stuckness whilst also helping you to realise what you’re truly capable of, and then nudging you towards the action you know is necessary to get there. She’s my favourite action planning partner, hands down.

Rebecca Merrifield

Integral Professional Coach at Rebecca Merrifield

Anna, is not only intuitive, but she gently guides you along the path that best suits you with gentle strategy.

She provides feedback in just the perfect way and offers a plethora of resources to help you along your way. Working with Anna helped me move leaps and bounds toward creating some things in my business that I’d not known where to begin. I wanted a partnership, a place to toss ideas around, and some concrete action steps. All of that and more was provided with my time working with Anna. I highly recommend you work with her if you want forward movement!

Christine Meyer

Life Coach at Christine Meyer


Anna is fast, intuitive, bold and hits the nail on the head every time.

I’ve been fascinated with Anna since our first call. In just one hour, she was able to understand my vision, clarify my goals and provide a framework of steps to take specific to my needs. Until Anna came along, I was feeling stuck and disheartened. Now I can actually see where my business is heading and know exactly what I need to do.

Kathya Bustamante

Business Strategist at Coeur Strategies

I’m so glad I chose to hire Anna to help me with a strategy for my business. Before the call I had so many ideas and things I wanted to do, I was overwhelming myself and not taking action on any of them.

Anna cut through the confusion and helped me get clear on the next steps I need to take to increase my profits. Her advice was well thought through and very actionable. Each step building on the next to get me where I need to be. She also really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about the value I provide to my customers, which will help me immensely!

In short, I’m not sure how she packed so much value into short call, but I’m so much better off for it. Thanks Anna!

Alistair Gill

SEO Specialist at Alistair Gill


Working with Anna Long set my business up for phenomenal long term profitability

Anna is a money magician when it comes to helping blossoming and growing businesses. Over the 6 months we worked together, Anna helped me income map, held my hand while we looked at the numbers together, and pushed me to examine the hours I was actually working and charge accordingly. 

I owe a huge amount of my success to Anna holding me accountable to the prices we set together. Not only that, but Anna has a magical creative fire about her that sparked ideas for big money makers for me. The DIY products that I now offer were all inspired by my work with Anna. The time we spent together continues to pay off, even months and months later, and I'm confident that trend will continue for years to come. Thank you Anna!

Jamie Jensen

Copywriter at Your Hot Copy

Anna is the perfect mix of intuition and business know-how.

She cuts through the BS and tells you straight up where you need to stop pussy footing around in your business. She has been a god send in helping me sort through my ideas!

Rebecca Tracey

Coach at The Uncaged Life


Before I started working with Anna I was pretty confused about who EXACTLY I wanted to serve and how to confidently convey what I did. During our time together I figured out how I was unique in the healing community, who my dream clients were, and how to describe my work.

I had all the answers inside me, I simply needed an intuitive and intelligent business consultant to know the right questions to ask!

Anna’s intuitive skills opened up my perspective, like a camera going from regular focus to panoramic view. In the beginning when I was scared and “failing” or falling, Anna had confidence in me and she held my hand patiently until I had the confidence to take the reins back.

Darlene Sochin-Maras

Energy Healer

Working with Anna is always such a treat. I appreciate so much how tuned in she is to everything I’m saying – it’s like she can take all of my random thoughts and restructure them in a way that makes sense and is aligned with what I’m trying to build.

She does all of this without judgement or expectation. With her help I was able to get clear on a new direction I’m hoping to take my business and I walked away with a clear plan for how to start making that happen. It’s just the kind of work I needed to get done to get unstuck and start moving forward again

Allegra Stein

Coach at Allegra Stein


Before starting my Virtual Assistant business I felt anxious and beat down. I desperately wanted to work from home and have a thriving business doing something I love. I was coaching on the side and my business was growing, but painstakingly slow. I needed to do something else to start living my dream right NOW. 

So I hired Anna and with her help started my Virtual Assistant business. Within 3 months I had made as much as I had made the entire previous year. And I quit my job soon after without even marketing my services (they all came from referrals). 

I highly recommend working with a coach if you want to take your business up several levels. Online programs are great, but working one-on-one with Anna has been one of my best investments ever.

Billie Gardner

Online Business Manager at Desire to Done

When I decided to invest in my business and hire Anna last year, I felt lost in my business. I was making a little money, but it wasn't stable and it certainly wasn't enough to leave my (two) day jobs. I paid for my first round of coaching out of pocket, but by second round my business had grown enough that I was able to pay it for solely with my business account. A year later, I've quit both my day jobs and have been steadily growing my income each month. Not only that, because of Anna's strategy and support, I was also able to purchase the brand new iMac I've had my eye on for years, no payment plan needed!

Anna took the time to get to know me and my business. She helped me set do-able goals each month that kept me moving in the right direction and on track. Her insights, encouragement and support were so important for my business growth and my own confidence as an entrepreneur. Anna's awesome!

Megan Ronecker

Web Designer at Ruby and Sass


Before I started working with Anna, my business was a mish-mash of passions and fuzzy ideas. In true entrepreneurial fashion, I was optimistic and driven to start my business, but I just felt stuck. I had a job that I wanted to quit and a serious income goal.

Anna got me unstuck…and fast. Within the first month, I had incredible clarity about my business. Within three months, I had a real business and I started gaining respect in my industry. At four months, I’m just shy of reaching that big income goal, and I have successfully quit my other job to work full time for myself.

I know I couldn’t have gotten this far this fast on my own. I get compliments all the time about how clear and smart my business concept is, and I have Anna to thank for that. Just when you think she’s given you all the feedback and direction you need, she comes up with another brilliant idea to keep the inspiration flowing. I can’t say enough good things about her and what she’s done for me!

Paige Wilhide

Digital Storyteller at Paige Media


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