Pivot to Profit Assessment and Planning


You have a business,
but it’s not where you want it to be.

It's as SIMPLE as that.

And yet...when you try to pinpoint exactly what you SHOULD be doing to change it all, you're at a loss. The to-do list is too long, priorities too unclear and insecurities too great to get over.

You hate to admit it, but you often question if you are really cut out for this whole "self employment" thing. I mean, it DOES look so much easier for everyone else.

And if you are honest with yourself, at least 2 of the following describe you: 

  • You've hit the income ceiling that you appear to have built for yourself
  • You're tired of working on "all the things" and are fairly certain that you'd be more productive if you could focus on the IMPORTANT THINGS
  • You're sick of feeling too self conscious to market your business
  • You fall into negative thought patterns surrounding your ability to succeed as an entrepreneur
  • You sorta hate social media (there you admitted it and you feel better!) But you also sometimes cyber stalk those in your industry who seem to have mastered it...
  • You know business isn't easy, BUT you question why it feels SO hard all the time
  • You aren't sure that the way you have packaged and priced what you sell is really as good as it could be.

You wish that you had...

  • An objective business advisor who could help the current state of your business and make a plan of EXACTLY what needs to be done to get you closer to hitting your goals.
  • Someone on your team who listened to the pauses, the sighs and the signs that you were giving that would help guide you in the right direction.
  • A plan of action that felt aligned with your higher purpose AND your financial independence (they do NOT have to butt heads!)
  • A gentle nudge to do the very thing that scares you most, but will lead to your ultimate success as an entrepreneur. 


The Pivot to Profit Assessment and Planning Session is a unique opportunity to have a whip-smart advisor walk one by one through the key areas of your business to make sure they are optimally operating (and make a plan for change if they aren't!)


The result?

A more efficient business

An while "efficiency" isn't a SEXY word, efficiency is awesome because it will give you the ability to:

  • Fully enjoy the business you've built
  • More time to enjoy your life outside of business
  • More money to grow your business or enjoy your personal pursuits (Italian vacation anyone??)


Even if you have an idea of what you need to be doing to maximize profits and find more enjoyment in your business,  sometimes the gap between KNOWING and DOING is simply too big.

You need more than KNOWLEDGE, more than a PLAN, you need: 

  • Well-defined PRIORITIES for someone as invested in your success as you are!
  • A PARTNER to help you reflect, make decisions and move through the RESISTANCE that will eat away at your chance for success. 
  • ACTIONABLE accountability that will move your "to-do list" to "done list".



How does this work?

The Pivot to Profit session is a blend of research, discussion and planning. 

  • One Discovery Questionnaire that you will complete 48 hours before our call. It will get you thinking about all the little and BIG things that make up your business. The goal will be to help you and me get a better understanding of what's working in your business right now and what isn't. 
  • One 90 minute Strategic Discovery Session where we get IT ALL out on the table and figure out your short term and long term strategy for your business (because without this foundational piece of info, you aren't going to get very far). We will walk through your Discovery questionnaire and make sure that you get the clarity you need about where you want to go (and what's holding you back), so that I can walk into my planning space totally prepared. 
  • A Custom Business Plan  within 72 hours of our first call where I will take EVERYTHING that we discussed in our Strategic Discovery Call and map out a doable plan of action. This step-by-step plan will be your roadmap to an efficient business (i.e. a business that you are actually THRILLED to run!). It will include timeline suggestions and links to resources. You will implement the plan on your own, but you won't feel alone because you will have a roadmap!

Next enrollment period:


Spring 2017 (3 spaces)

Summer 2017 (4 spaces)

Your investment towards getting VIP Strategy and Support to uplevel your profits?


(or 2 payments of $550)

Ready to Pivot to Profit?


I’d been thinking about investing in 1:1 business coaching for quite awhile, but I had no idea who I wanted to work with. Courses and group models weren’t really working for me at the stage I was in, and I was craving some 1:1 attention and accountability… I began talking about, thinking about it, and I basically left it up to the universe to guide me to the right person.

Well, less than a week after firmly deciding that I wanted to get some 1:1 help, I received my first newsletter from Anna. I’d signed up for her list for a freebie a short while ago, not really thinking anything of it, so when I received her first newsletter was when I really got a glimpse of who Anna is and what she could do to help. The newsletter said everything I needed to hear and was feeling and I knew right then and there that Anna would be the gal for me. At that time I was worried about money (who isn’t when they invest in something that’s supposed to make their business better?!)… I was feeling a bit scattered, unsure of myself… I didn’t have momentum. I was just stuck. The word ‘stuck’ is used so often amongst business owners but that really is what I was feeling. I felt like I was at the top of a hill on a bicycle waiting for someone to give me the okay to ride down. I was basically looking down at my potential, if that makes any sense at all. I was afraid to really reach out and grab it. What’s ironic is that I help people in the exact position I was in! And now I needed someone to help ME to do the same. (Which is probably why I put off hiring help for so long, ha!) So once I made the leap and started working with Anna, I felt like my whole world opened up.

What I loved about Anna is she doesn’t necessarily allow you to rely on her for answers. She knows that we have them inside of us and she helps us to uncover them. Sometimes I just wanted to be told what to do, but Anna would encourage me to dig deeper whether that be through an inquisitive question or an exercise from one of her courses. And that’s what makes her such a great business coach and strategist – while she knows her shit and likely COULD tell someone exactly what to do based on HER experience, she knows that we’re all different and have unique businesses that need our own unique touch.

Also, as soon as I made my first payment to Anna, I instantly felt lighter. I no longer felt alone. I had someone else besides just me caring about whether or not I succeeded. I needed that. And for 3 months Anna made sure I gained the momentum I needed, asked the questions I needed to ask of myself, and received just the right amount of feedback when I needed it.

I also really loved receiving homework. I loved knowing that I had shit to do and that someone was counting on me to get it done so we could move to the next step together! The discipline and routine was great. I began carving time out of my day to sit down with my notebook and get my work done which helped me to create a routine for myself that I’m still able to continue even after our time has ended. I‘d say the momentum, the routine, the discipline, the confidence – all of those things are what I needed and Anna helped me to achieve them.

I also explored things about myself that I may not have uncovered for awhile if I hadn’t invest in coaching. Working with Anna was a jumping-off point for a lot of things in my life. I feel really good about where my business is headed. I also feel amazing about where it is right now! I’m reveling in the feeling that things are exactly as they should be. I’m EXCITED to wake up each morning and sit down to work. That feeling had sort of slipped away before I started working with Anna. And now each day is another chance to make my life & business even greater for myself and for others, and I know that working with Anna helped me greatly in achieving this feeling of contentedness and happiness in my life & business.

After working with Anna, I finally hit the ‘send’ button on the first newsletter to my list in months, have my packages created and priced,  feel much more confident in the things I have to say and I even created a marketing strategy that works for me and one that I’m excited to implement! I feel like all of this creative pent-up energy that I’ve been carrying around for years is now being fully expressed which means I’ll be able to touch more people through the content I put out into the world.

Lisa Fiorvante

Launch Strategist at Lisa Fiorvante


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