My life as a broke healer

My life as a broke healer

In honor of my month long journey into clairvoyantly reading past lives and healing karma, I wanted to share a past life of mine whose karma I was able to actively clear in THIS life.

Many lifetimes ago I was a “healer”. I wore robes and gowns (clearly looked the part) and I lived a modest life in a small apartment. I gave of myself without asking for much in return. In fact, I was adamant that my healing be seen as more of a way of life and less as a career.

I was stubborn and inflexible in regards to how I viewed my “gift” as a healer. The filter I was viewing the world (and my own life) through was one of spiritual austerity. I was ever strict that “real healers” should not place monetary value on their skills.

I died alone with hardly a crumb to eat (dramatic, but true!)

Fast forward to this lifetime.

Well, let’s just say that I came into this lifetime with a lot of that same energy in my space. However in this lifetime, I had a desire for money. So there was an uncomfortable internal conflict happening for a longtime: I would desire money to have the experiences or things that I wanted and then I would struggle to accept money for the value I brought into the world via the work I was doing.

And as with many people, my internal money mindset struggles became even more apparent when I started my first business (running a small esthetics studio.) I LOVED the work, but when it came time to take payment, I would want to run the other way. I mean, how awkward was that!? People come in for a lovely service, it comes time to pay and I stammer and distract in an attempt not have to accept due payment for services rendered.

It was SO annoying! I knew that I CLEARLY had some “money-shit” to figure out. Not only was it annoying, but it was stressful. When it came time increase my prices, send out an invoice or simply accept someones credit card to swipe and charge for their service, I felt deep body-level fear.

This caused issues with my finances because I wasn’t charging enough and half the time I would try to talk people out of paying me. I even set a “no tip” policy because CLEARLY the only thing more terrible than some money, would be more money (LOL!)

I was pretty much telling the universe to go fuck itself.

On the one hand I was doing extensive goal-setting surrounding my finances, but on the other hand I was turning down money left and right.

What an F-ed up cycle, right?

This cycle then led me to experience anger and resentment at my creations and at my customers, which wan’t fair at all.

Fast forward to present time.

Well it’s safe to say I cleared a TON of that karma. I LOVE money as an energetic currency. I love other things as an energetic currency of exchange also…money just happens to be pretty great so that I can do, buy and support the things that I want to in this lifetime.

So how did I get from where I was to where I am?

Well…I took the long road. I read a lot of books on money-mindset, I made friends who matched me on my level of desire for money, I gave myself pep talks in the mirror, meditated in the bath and chanted in the shower. I did ALL the things really. But I didn’t truly embody this concept until it showed up in a Past Life reading that I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

What is karma anyway?

First off, I’m no “karma expert”. I thought of getting my degree in it, but I went for social work instead (LOL, I’m funny.) No, but seriously, karma is energy and it is neither good nor bad (though the impact of it in your life and feel good of bad from the perspective of your human experience.)

To keep it simple, I look at karma the same way that I look at getting the oil changed in a car. If you start out in Washington state on a cross country trip to New York and halfway through the trip you get an oil leak, that leak will FOLLOW you to the next state until you fix it. But in our case, the cross country road trip is our MANY lives (because ya’ll have lived hundreds and even thousands of lives before….CRAZY, I know!), the oil leak is your karma and getting it fixed is “healing your karma”.

One can certainly heal past lives karma by playing out the same shit again and again (until they get it right and clear the energy that way) OR you can have it cleared energetically. Clearing it energetically can be pretty cool because it tends to happen quickly…it’s like the hitting the Easy Button.

Clearing one piece of karma will not make your life “perfect” (because perfect is boring and that ain’t why you’re here honey!) but clearing karma can free up your energy and shift your perspective and it can happen instantly (without having to re-live the past again and again and again and again) get my point yet?

Those are my two cents on karma.

If you’d like to take have me do a Past Live Reading and Karmic Healing on you, then grab your popcorn, pull up a  seat and click here  (or don’t as you wish). I only do these intermittently when the energy works for me and I will currently be doing these through November 2018. 

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