Incestuous Marketing

Incestuous Marketing

Hello Empire Builders, and welcome to the last and final week of my 4-part series devoted to helping you uncover blocks that stand between YOU and your NEXT Level of business!

So if you’ve gotten in touch with your why, faced your fears, and invested wisely in your business and you are STILL experiencing a block between your current income and your desired income, I have one more piece of advice:

Stop being an incestuous marketer!

Now before you get all defensive, step off! We are ALL bound to make marketing mistakes, and to occasionally get a little lazy and un-discerning when seeking our next lover client or customer. But when you ONLY stick to “your own peeps/tribe/family” when marketing, it can lead to stale business growth despite mucho, mucho effort.

Example: Thousands of people take an online marketing course that’s “the new black” in online biz-training. While going through this course, many students are astonished to find that their “ideal client” for their new business is someone who fits this particular program’s mold (hip and willing to spend mula). So they set up their business model around this inflated micro-market, pimp the hell out of their services in this group (when they are allowed to), and join a bunch of other off-shoot Facebook groups with the same biz newbies that are swarming in similar debt and uncertainty.

And what happens?

Well, not much…

Yes, some people build successful businesses ONLY marketing to this community, but most people struggle until they fail or succeed learning to market beyond this online “family.”

How do I know? Because they come to me and say “Crap, I’ve done all the tactics, but nobody is buying.”

So how do you avoid a deformed business that you’ve tried to grow through incestuous marketing?

Well, you have to get creative and think about a blended marketing model. That’s right; think about creating a business that leverages online AND offline marketing to get new eyes on your offers and some fresh cash flow in your bank account. I just came up with “20 offline/local marketing ideas” for my Idea to Empire students this week and had a BLAST getting creative with the process.

get thinking outside the teeny tiny online world that you have created for yourself. -tweet that!

Until next week!


30 Responses to Incestuous Marketing

  1. yes! sooo many of my clients are a little lopsided in their marketing. Either too much of one or the other. The personal touch really matters.

    Truth Bombs. Dropped. By mz Anna Long.


    • Paige YOU are one of my prime examples when I tell others about offline marketing. You have a knack for this…in fact YOU are so good at it that people don’t feel marketed to and they hire you anyway!

  2. This is a GREAT point, Anna. It’s rad to find a community of your potential peeps but it’s also important to branch out and look elsewhere! (You definitely never want to be dependent on one FB group for the success of your stuff – what if it just disappeared??)

    • Exactly Jackie. I find that ESPECIALLY when someone is new to business, that they do have to test the waters with multiple avenues and see where their magic marketing mojo is best. Some of my clients are magic online…while others are masters offline. It they had only listened to gurus who focus on one or the other…maybe they would have given up before they found success.

  3. I have been thinking about offline marketing recently and you are so on the money Anna.

    Anna, besides events and groups are there some other ways to get your name in community? 🙂

    • Here are a few Diedah (and I will be sharing my 20 ways real soon here!):
      1.Signup for “Meetups”…this is a way to get face to face with people who have similar interests, but who are inundated with marketing to help them with their problems.
      2. Use Craigslist…yep, people still use this to find help. Especially many established small businesses who also aren’t a part of these big online groups we are a part of.
      3. Donate time, product, or service to a charity. This will give you and your brand exposure as well as bring in a new client/customer that will refer others to you.
      4. Create you own event…yep, then you get to cal the shots and invite the crowd you want. You can get the food and space taken care of through sponsorship offers and get as many people there for free to get to know you or your community (the event could or could not have something to do with your actual product or service)

      so those are a few 🙂

  4. I find that, as I grow in my business, my ability to center myself has gotten quite strong. As in, I see something and it pulls me, but then I say NO and snap back to my own center. It’s working for me!!

    • Nice Nicole, so do you feel like you have figured out where your people are and how to effectively market to them? I know you keep pretty busy, so my guess is YES!

  5. So so true. It’s hard to get sucked into one or two places you think your people hang out and forget about all the others. Love you saying what many people don’t!

  6. Great post, Anna! Until I settled on my creative grasshopper concept and niche I also waddled around trying to sell to the same people everyone else was selling to… and guess what? I got crickets. But when I finally dug deep and figured out what motivated me to help others in the first place, I got to the bottom of who I really needed to work with. This might change, who knows, but for now it’s working so much better than anything else has in the past. And I’m feeling so on purpose and loving it!

    I also love your recommendation to go offline. It seems that it’s much easier to get clients face to face! I’m looking forward to your post about how to get out there more offline. My tip would be to go to libraries and local places or groups and hold free workshops!

  7. I’m sure you’re all over this, but when I read:

    “I just came up with “20 offline/local marketing ideas” for my Idea to Empire students this week and had a BLAST getting creative with the process.”

    I thought that would make such a great blog post. I’d love to see some examples/ideas and also get feedback and suggestions in the comments. It could be a really valuable resource for those of us that struggle with offline marketing.

  8. My original strategy was to market myself locally, then I started to wonder if I should create products for the online community (because that seems to be what everyone else is doing). Thanks for the wake-up call! It’s like the stock market: diversify.

  9. Nice picture choice and love how your personality comes through in everything you write! Thanks for putting it out there. Diversify…yes!

  10. This definitely needed to be said! For me it tends to be the other way around- I work with quite a few businesses who are stuck in offline mode and don’t understand how to utilise the online world. But either way, there are a lot of businesses with blinkers on when it comes to marketing- creative brainstorming is my favourite part- the possibilities are endless when you are clear on your message and your customer. Can’t wait for your post of ideas!

  11. So Looking forward to your blog post on the 20 ways! Marketing is so hard sometimes. I love the idea of getting out to the community, but I’m never quite sure where to start and what will be effective. I’m trying to start volunteering with design at my church, and have been thinking about other charities, but I’ve already got a pretty good amount of “free” work I’m doing and don’t want to get into a lot of those kinds of relationships. I’m not sure how to find charities that won’t exploit the situation…

    • I think a good transition would be a “non-profit” discount Megan. So not for free, but maybe not your full price. I actually did this in my first business and attracted a lot of non-profit employees who liked that I recognized their low-pay, but that I valued them enough to find a way to work with them 🙂

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