Income Mapping Session

Have you hit a wall with your profits?
Are you struggling to make sense of your numbers?

If you’re like many entrepreneurs I talk to, you have a great idea, you have made a few sales, but you feel like you’re in a profit slump. When we dig deep and look at your business it becomes clear.

You’re struggling because you’re leaving $$ on the table! 

You are good at what you do and you may even be busy with clients, but your bank account is screaming for attention and the light afternoon snacks you’ve been feeding it aren’t enough.

It’s time for a little tweaking, a lot of brainstorming
and some killer planning.

It’s time for

Income Mapping

My signature service that is highly targeted, driven by creativity, and sprinkled with strategy.

The end result?

Increased Profits!




If you’re ready to:

1. Figure out where you are leaking profits

2. Creatively invent a new income idea (or 3)

3. and Strategize the quickest way to profit from it...


Duh, right?

I’m so glad I chose to hire Anna to help me with a strategy for my business. Before the call I had so many ideas and things I wanted to do, I was overwhelming myself and not taking action on any of them.

Anna cut through the confusion and helped me get clear on the next steps I need to take to increase my profits. Her advice was well thought through and very actionable. Each step building on the next to get me where I need to be. She also really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about the value I provide to my customers, which will help me immensely!
In short, I’m not sure how she packed so much value into short call, but I’m so much better off for it. Thanks Anna!

Alistair Gill

SEO Specialist at Alistair Gill


This package includes:

  • Marketing Strategy Guidance because profits don’t come from having an idea...they come from implementing an idea!
  • A pre-session Profit Assessment (completed by you and sent to me) so that I can dig into your packages and profits and see what’s amiss before we even get the clock ticking for our first call!
  • A 60 minute skype (or phone) session where we will: dissect your current income (or lack thereof) & generate a list of targeted (and creative) ideas to get you hitting your targets sooner. This usually involves a mix of shifting prices, creating something new or finding clever ways to add value.
  • Income Map (a post session step by step email summarizing everything we mapped out so that you profit sooner)

When we wrap up our time together you will have a new outlook on your business and a new plan for profits so that you can get from where you are...To where you want to be.

Investment to monetize BIG with your money map? $399

Once you click the button above, you will be whisked away book your call and make your payment.


In 30 minutes Anna took my existing services and mapped out exactly how I can increase my revenue without adding to my workload. I now have the confidence to raise my prices and know exactly how to reach my yearly financial goals. Hire her – you’ll more than cover your investment.

Stacey Jessop

Graphic Designer at Cottontail Creative


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