Income Incubator


What if you could earn another $5,000 to $25,000 (or more) in the next 6 to 12 months just by implementing one new idea with your business?

Not ten (although you probably have ten or more)

Just one. The right one.



If you’re ready to try something new with your business but…

  • You’re tired of spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere with your brainstorming
  • You’re sick of making lists and lists of new ideas without a clue or plan to move them forward
  • You’re soooo over testing things out to mediocre success
  • You’re itching to launch something that will actually bring in the cashflow...

I'M YOUR girl

And this is your answer


  • Potential clients gobbling up your new service with fervor
  • Profit literally pouring into your paypal account
  • Prepping yourself for future success with plenty of planning + praise
  • Plotting the next perfect product, from point A to B
  • After all…you’ve already got enough fans who are hungry for more from you.


All you need is a well-researched and vetted step-by step action plan to launch (and make loot from) your new, exciting business concept.

And most importantly: one that is custom-tailored to you and your unique business.

Let’s hatch this baby!




The Income Incubator

A 2-Day Selective Strategy Service where I take you and your business to the next level of profit, chica.


INCOME (NOUN): As in Profit. Because you are going to make lots of it.

INCUBATOR (NOUN): A place where new things are born, ideas are hatched, and brilliance is nurtured. This is the place where we pause, step back, evaluate your business and create the next, most lucrative step for you. Then, devise the strategy to make it happen!


  • TWO V.I.P. Strategy Days
  • A Personalized Plan of Attack for your next big business move
  • A brand new additional income stream (bling bling, babes!)


We take-off with a 90-120 minute one-on-one session where you’ll get…

  • A Comprehensive assessment of your current business income streams
  • A Detailed map of your next six months of profit (and a plan to get there!)
  • A Brainstorm Boogie where we generate at least two to four new profit ideas
  • A Strategy shakedown where we select one core, profitable idea to implement

and then, as if that’s not amazing enough…

You get to go off and continue rocking your business, or catch up on the latest episode of Bachelorette (I know you love that show too!) while I spend the whole day digging deep into your clients, your core message, and your course of action for killer cash-flow.


  • A distinct Differentiator from your competitors so you can stand out from the sea of sameness
  • A carefully-crafted, custom Core Message to communicate your value and maximize your sales
  • A specific Step-by-Step outline of everything you need to do to make this new income stream gush like a bona fide cash current
  • A calculated Calendar of tasks so you have an action plan that works backwards from launch to present - a.k.a. a game plan to set you up for serious success
  • A Strategic Schedule that plots your posts to prep your peeps (for maximum profit)
  • FIVE unique marketing concepts so you know how to get your message out to the right people
  • A Revolutionary Relationship Funnel Map so you can turn cold prospects into hot clients (it’s a system, sweetheart!)


Ideas for opt-in offers, freebies, webinars or other services to tease and entice potential clients into working with you. Or, in other words, little tastes of what you’ve got that will whet appetites for your services.

THEN, we meet the following day for a second 60 minute one-on-one session to go every little detail so you can....

  • Have any & all of your questions answered
  • Make sure you are clear on the research and strategy
  • Pick my brain for the best systems and practices to get the ball rolling (and keep it rolling)
  • Be prepared to get this profit stream started within 48 hours of our first call

Did you know that creating an airtight sales and marketing strategy (like this one) increases your chances of success by 165%.

It really does


‘Cause that’s how pilots do it!

And pilots are hot!

How do I know? (Because look at them…)

Real answer?

Because I’m Anna Long Stokes, the savvy business strategist that has spent the last 3 years helping over 150 entrepreneurs launch and grow profitable businesses. You need my brain in your business if you want it to boom. And I’m so pumped to help you bring your bank account to the next level of bigness with this Income Incubator!



Here’s how we break through your profit shell...

  • You click that cute little {Incubate Me} button down below!
  • You’ll get whisked away to a page to process payment and I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours to help you get your back to back calls scheduled as well as your questionnaire completed! You'll toast to your smarts with a fine glass of wine because you are done trying to "figure it all out" on your own and you are ready for a PLAN of ACTION!
  • You’ll get your materials and strategy by the end of Saturday so we can go over everything and make sure you are ready to rock and roll by 9am PST on Sunday!


Simple yet oh-so-sweet, right?

Please note!

I’m currently booked out for this services. Email me directly to get on the waitlist!

Your investment in a whole new, profitable income stream? $1299

...or Two payments of $700 made a month apart


Anna got me moving forward - Finally!

When I decided to work with Anna one-on-one I was so stuck. I had read so many different things, joined so many groups, taken so many courses and had so many ideas that I was just paralyzed and wasn’t making any real progress in my business.

In just four weeks Anna gave me a good shake and got me on a clear path. She showed me how to make a plan and stick with it. Now I have a shiny new program that I feel REALLY good about, a detailed marketing plan to get it out there and I know what I need to be working on each day. It feels great! Thank you Anna!

Sara Best

Registered Holistic Nutritionist at If Your Body Could Talk

Working with Anna Long set my business up for phenomenal long term profitability

Anna is a money magician when it comes to helping blossoming and growing businesses. Over the 6 months we worked together, Anna helped me income map, held my hand while we looked at the numbers together, and pushed me to examine the hours I was actually working and charge accordingly.

I owe a huge amount of my success to Anna holding me accountable to the prices we set together. Not only that, but Anna has a magical creative fire about her that sparked ideas for big money makers for me. The DIY products that I now offer were all inspired by my work with Anna. The time we spent together continues to pay off, even months and months later, and I'm confident that trend will continue for years to come. Thank you Anna!

Jamie Jensen

Copywriter at Your Hot Copy


I had a LOT of ambitious ideas about where I wanted to take my business and what I wanted to get rid of. Anna heard me out and mapped out a really clear and organized strategy on how to revamp the service I already offered AND how to formulate a course authentically.

PLUS she helped me write up my marketing content with templates and examples which really streamlined my efforts. Anna is TOTALLY someone I want on my team in the future! I even surpassed my client goal…within 4 weeks! YAY ANNA!

Michelle Bobrow

Personal Finance Strategist a The Holistic Wallet


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