Why Nobody is Buying What You are Selling…

Why Nobody is Buying What You are Selling…

Meet Charlie. If you are selling squirrels, he is buying! Not selling squirrels? Keep reading then!

Charlie chasing squirrels

People probably want to buy what you are selling … so then why aren’t they then?

Let’s talk about how to effectively market your business …

I had a lovely coastal town stroll last Saturday, and there were adorable papers taped up on every post in a 3-block radius. The first one said “puppet,” and then it had an address at the bottom. The next one I saw said “puppet show,” again followed by an address at the bottom.

Out of complete curiosity, we walked to the house and saw a light inside … but there were no signs of puppets or shows, and I was let down. I had really hoped there might be some pup-a-thon going on that I could partake in! So we walked home and I thought, “oh those adorable kids – they have a thing or two to learn about marketing, don’t they?”

Whether these kids were giving a puppet show for free or simply for “show,” doesn’t really matter. As a customer I didn’t know what time to show up, if it was paid or free, or whether they were actually selling puppets or a show.

I didn’t write this post to harp on adorable kids with brilliant puppet shows. I wrote this post to remind you of a very basic foundational element when selling your services:

Make sure your clients know WHAT YOU ARE SELLING.

This is pretty easy for people who sell STUFF. But when you sell yourself, your services, and your skills … it isn’t always clear to your buyers WHAT we are selling.

There could be a lot of reasons why nobody is buying what you are selling, but it often has to do with your offerings or services being incomplete.  Here are a few examples:

  1. You literally don’t have an offering or services listed for sale on your site. Clients will come to me complaining that their businesses aren’t taking off. So I go to their site, and sure enough – many don’t even suggest they are selling something!  this is confusing for me and YOUR BUYERS!

  2. You don’t describe key details (what you offer, who it is for, what the tangible benefits are, and what your guarantees are) … so people aren’t really sure what they are spending invisible dollars on. What are invisible dollars? See below.

  3. You don’t have prices listed on your site. There is a lot of debate about whether you should post prices or not. Let me just ask you one question: would you buy something from someone you hardly knew if you didn’t know the price? Is your price structure complicated? Too bad! Figure out some general package price starting points, and let clients know you will build them a custom package within that range.

  4. You aren’t Confident in what you offer. If you aren’t sure in the effectiveness of what you are selling, then how are others supposed to be sure enough to invest in purchasing? More tips on business confidence and clarity here.

This week I encourage you to take a look at your packages and your offerings. Are they crystal clear? Are there tangible deliverables clearly outlined for your buyers? Do they speak to your business soulmates?

I know that this can be very challenging, because sometimes the best work we do with people is a little intangible (at least that is what we tell ourselves) … but I encourage you to peel back the layers and figure out tangible benefits for what you sell!

This will not only help buyers understand the value in what you offer, it will also help you gain clarity and confidence in the value of what you deliver.

So tell us, after looking back at your offerings with this mindset, how clear are they? Are there areas that you can improve? Or do you have any tips to help others take those intangibles and make them more clear?

Until next week,


2 Responses to Why Nobody is Buying What You are Selling…

  1. With all the funky copywriting, audience consideration and starting with why, dah di dah di dah, this is an easy one to forget. Thanks for the reminder. Great post!

    • 🙂 Well put Kris! Sometimes is the “most obvious” stuff that we forget when we get wrapped up in creating our offerings.

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