How To Prepare Your Business For The Fall

How To Prepare Your Business For The Fall

Hey there empire builders! I know that it’s not technically fall yet, but the kids are back to school (most of them), life seems to have mildly settled from the busy-ness of summer and if you’re like most business owners, then you are gearing up for an epic end to 2016.

Now I don’t mean to jolt you out of happy summer-land, but it IS a great time to do a little end of year planning to make sure that you’re on track to hit your end of year goals (remember setting those back in January?? I do!!)

I’ve created a mini checklist to help you to get on track for fall and to help you explore what’s next.

The four key areas to assess are:
  1. Energy Levels
  2. Clients
  3. Money
  4. Marketing

Review in more depth below and feel free to share your explorations in the comments section!



How does your energy feel surrounding your business right now?

high energy?

If you’re feeling on a super-high after a restful summer, then it’s a great time to kick things into high-gear and work on producing or launching something new and exciting!

low energy?

If you feel low-energy, it’s time to take stock of what’s working, what’s not and how you want to change things around this Fall or prepare for BIGGER change this winter.

Your answer: _________________________________



How are things going with your clients/customers? Do you have enough? Do you have too many? Have there been more complaints than usual or have you been getting some great feedback? What is your #1 goal related to clients right now?

Your answer: _________________________________



How are your finances? Are you bringing in the money you had hoped to be bringing in at this point in the year or are you falling short? If you’re falling short, can you estimate by how much?

What would you like to bring in between September and the end of December?

Your answer: _________________________________



What marketing have you been most involved in this past year and has it been working? What areas of marketing EXCITE you the most? Do you plan to implement this marketing before the new year arrives? If so, how?

Your answer: _________________________________

I know, this assessment is NOT the most complex…but getting on track for fall doesn’t have to be complex. Simply take action and reap the benefits of your work.

Want some help creating a Plan of Action for your fall strategy and marketing? Nab one of my 5 remaining Income Mapping Sessions of 2016! We can take a look at your current business structure, rates, & goals, and then come up with a doable plan of action to help you hit your financial targets.



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