Energetic Awareness in Your Business

Energetic Awareness in Your Business

When I “came to,” I felt a heavy, warm presence holding my body in place (because without it, I would have surely floated off into the clouds). I felt like Rip Van Winkle waking from the longest, most healing sleep. I’m not talking about using drugs or having a near-death experience. I simply had a healing session with one of my clients – Darlene Sochin-Maras (if you haven’t had one with her, freaking hop on it! Your body and your business will THANK YOU)!

When I pulled myself off her cushy massage table, we sat down to talk about what my guides wanted to remind me. As I write the word “guides,” I realize that some of you may not know of (or even believe in) these. I don’t really have an articulate explanation for what guides are, except to say that they are like angels who walk through life with you, watching and interacting in their own way. Some people (like Darlene) have that ability to directly communicate with them on your behalf (yes, wicked badass)!

So anyway, one of the messages that came through was that I needed to “go deeper” in my work. This message didn’t surprise me. I’ve been feeling exhausted lately, and it’s all surrounding my business. Do I hate my work? No. Do I dislike my clients? Of course not! But the thing is, I’ve made a few decisions lately that don’t jive with the highest good for my business. I’ve let some of the “shoulds” seep in and dictate the business decisions that I’ve made. The end result = energetic drainage and less enthusiasm for my work.

So what does “going deep” have to do with this?

Well, I’m not a superficial gal … not in any area of my life. I rarely have acquaintances, but I do have a lot of GREAT friends. When I like someone, we tend to become close fast. I’ve always been that person at the party, in the community pool, or at the bar that people spill their guts to. They always say “wow, I feel like I’ve known you forever!” (and we just met 2 hours prior). I’m an old soul, and my tolerance for pleasantries and superficial chitchat is low.

This same quality carries itself over to my business (how could it not)? When someone wants help with their business, I become obsessed with their success (sometimes I think I want it more than they do)! I like to go DEEP and find out their true meaning for starting the business. I like to dig in and figure out what they have tried that’s worked, what hasn’t worked, how they operate best, what their biggest hopes are, and what fears stand in their way. I like to immerse myself in their business like the salty warm water of the Caribbean. And yes – helping people with their businesses gets me just about as excited as tropical getaways to warm islands!

But, this level of excitement can only be sustained when I’m operating from a space of alignment with my business.

In other words, when I’m doing what I want to do in the way I want to do it. So what this means for me is that I need to go deeper with my clients. I need to create an experience that allows me to immerse myself fully in the energetic ebb and flow of their hopes and dreams. I can’t do this in one session, and I certainly can’t keep pressuring myself to ensure the success of others when they aren’t willing to invest in more than that.

This means that some big changes are on the way for me and my empire. Changes that I’ve known are coming, but that have scared me something fierce!

If your energy has been waning lately, I encourage you to do a little energetic assessment to see what’s off.

Whether or not you book with someone like Darlene to help is totally up to you. One thing that I do to help clients with this is to simply ask them questions and then read their voice and expressions as they answer. This can be hard to do with yourself, so recruit a friend or coach to help. If you have a decision to make and you aren’t sure what to do, have them ask you a series of questions related to the two decisions, and have them tune in to the subtle changes that happen in your voice when you talk through your options. Small signs like eye diversions, hesitations, and long pauses can help guide you into the right decision. Whenever they sense something “off,” they should ask you follow-up questions to dig deeper and figure out the root of the imbalance.

Ultimately, it is always some ugly form of fear that is holding us back from true energetic alignment with our business.

Until you find that alignment, you will feel like all efforts are more exhausting (like swimming upstream against the current!).

How has your business energy been lately? Is fear lurking behind the scenes, holding you back in some way? Is there anything in particular you’ve found helpful for improving your energetic alignment? Feel free to share in the comments section!


12 Responses to Energetic Awareness in Your Business

  1. I hear ya. I’m the same. I always seem to be the person people want to tell everything to without me asking. Changes are good. Best of luck! Lisa

  2. I’m so glad you shared this, Anna. I’m so on board with what you’re talking about here. I see an energy healer and she’s been a huge support to me. And the messages from beyond have been amazing. Sounds like you are making some important changes… best of luck to you!

  3. It’s so cool that you’re speaking out about this subject on a business blog so openly!

    I’m in a spiritual closet so I avoid writing about it and can’t seem to get past that fear of judgement.

    I’m a practitioner of an energy healing modality so I’m kind of in the trap of having to figure out everything myself. But today I visited a friend and let her guide me through the process, and there’s something special about allowing yourself to be supported by others.

    This is definitely one of the things that feel draining about my business – the pressure to figure it all out instead of asking for help.

    • I consider myself to be an “Intuitive Biz Strategist” Nela, and my #1 selling service under my old brand was called “Business Spirit Sessions”…so I definitely feel comfortable going down this road. Glad you enjoyed!

  4. Anna, this was so relevant to me you have no idea!! I’ve been letting the “shoulds” control me and I’m really working on revamping, mostly because of this statement: “I’ve been feeling exhausted lately, and it’s all surrounding my business. Do I hate my work? No. Do I dislike my clients? Of course not!”

    Such a great post, if I wasn’t such a hippy I’d print it out as a reminder 😀

  5. Love the part about having someone watch your tone/expression/nonverbal communication. That’s so true, those things tell the truth more than our words ever do! Totally keeping that in mind.

    • Yes Megan, this was one of THE most helpful things about working with a life coach face to face. She would totally call me out on the little things that would seem “off” as I expressed myself. She read my excitement and my non-excitement and relayed it back to me so that I had instant insight in which path would truly make me most satisfied.

  6. This is my favourite ever post of yours. Tuning in to that inner guidance is my very favourite topic and I can’t wait to chat more about this when I see you IN PERSON in one week!

    • Ha! Love that you love this Rebecca (because I spent the least amount of time writing and over-thinking it) 🙂

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