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How to grow your business by 280% in 2017

How to grow your business by 280% in 2017

Hey there empire builders and happy New Year!!

December 31st is one of my favorite days of the year! It has nothing to do with party dresses and champaign though. And while I love to steal a midnight kiss from my husband, that is also not the reason that this day is one of my favorites!

I love December 31st (of ANY year), because it is a time to take stock of the previous year and set intentions for the new one. I woke up eager to run my end of year reports in my financial software and to write down the small and big things that I’m grateful for. All of this helps me to set the stage for ringing in the new year on January 1st.

But before I begin planning out 2017, I wanted to celebrate 2016 and share some of what I learned.

If you’re reading this in my newsletter, you’ve likely noticed that I blog less then I used to. In 2016, I put most of my focus  on growing my brick and mortar skincare and sugaring business (The Portland Girl). In fact, I was a wee bit OBSESSIVE about growing this baby in 2016!

As someone who self defines as “multi-passionate”, it can be hard to be so singularly focused. In the past I’ve tended to flit about from one interest to another without really FULLY committing myself entirely to one thing. The impact? Well I tend to do OK at it all, but not GREAT at any of it.

However this year I did a GREAT job of building my brick and mortar.

The results?

I saw a 280% increase in revenue in 2016 over 2015!

And 2015 was just shy of my first 6 figure year…so a 280% increase is a HUGE deal (at least to me).

So I’m proud (patting myself on the back as I write this) and I wanted to give you the rundown of three super basic things that I did this year to help me accomplish this revenue jump. Because contrary to what you might be thinking, it was actually quite simple (sometimes making money is much less complicated then we think!)

3 things that helped me grow my business by 280% in 2016:

  • I was an AVID Goal-Setter:


I know that you might be sick of hearing about “goal setting” at this point, but too bad! Each month I would open up my planner and decide on a few basic goals. A few would center on my business and a few would center on my life. So it would look something like this:

This month I want to make $30K in total sales

This month I want to sell $5K in retail

This month I want to take a long weekend trip to the coast

This month I want to attend 8 group exercise classes

As you can see, these goals are not super complex and I didn’t even really focus on “how” I was going to achieve them. In fact, there were many months where I would set them and forget them and only remember them when I opened up my planner to do them again the next month!

The funny thing? Most of them came true regardless of how much head-space I had allocated to them!

So, SET YOUR GOALS and don’t get bogged down in how exactly you will meet them. Setting a goal automatically sets an intention. An intention is a prayer and it isn’t always up to you to figure out how in the heck your prayers will come true!

  • I was an AVID marketer:

Every month I tried to have 1 marketing focus. I.E., one thing that I would do to say to the the world “this is my business, know us and love us!”.

Sometimes this meant that I did a huge push for new members (we got over 30 new members in less than 2 months when this was my focus).

Sometimes this would be a new service that I would train my staff in and spend extra time marketing on social media.

Many times this meant setting up a table or booth at a complimentary business or event and inviting on-lookers to chat with us and book discounted services to get them in the door.

So it was a HUGE variety of things, but each month I made sure that there was at least 1 thing.

Why did this work so well?

Firstly, it helped me to stay focused on “growth” without getting overwhelmed with ALL THE THINGS that I could/should do related to marketing. Secondly, it kept my energy focused on expansion. When I focused on expansion, I put our business out into the world more and each month this attracted more and more people to the business. The simple act of focusing your energy and efforts on “Growth”, can bring about amazing growth (regardless of the EXACT form in which you market).

What you focus on expands…so why not focus on expansion?!

  • I shifted my mind from the small details to the bigger picture:

I pride myself in being a bit of a “details” person…but when you’re managing a staff of 7 and focused on growing fast, it was actually holding the business back when I focused on the details too much.

So, instead of caring less or giving up the details, I got clear about what details mattered most and which peeps I could call upon to begin taking over the details for me. This meant that I gave more responsibilities to staff and management so that I could keep my sights set on accomplishing the BIGGER PICTURE goals I had set.

And don’t get me wrong…this DID NOT work perfectly, but it worked well enough for me to focus my attention on the areas that helped us grow faster. Yes, there were times when staff got sick, people quit or accidents happened and I was propelled back into the details for a short period of time. But overall, I was able to stay above water and make the most of my position as the CEO of my company.

This meant that I had to release many of my control freak ways.

This meant that I had to make way for someone else to tell me how things should be done so that THEY could do it better.

This meant that I often had to gently move my mental focus from small picture thinking to big picture scheming.

My general approach was to think of what I wanted and what I had my sights set on, share it with my manager and then wait for the details to flood into my brain during my more creative moments.

I grew the business by 280% this past year, but there were few times where it felt like too much work. Most of the time it simply felt like all I had to do what make up my mind and stay in an open enough space to let the details figure themselves out.

This was a surprise to me since in the past I’ve made things much harder than they had to be in an attempt to control every detail!

So hey! Before you head to your evening parties, consider treating yourself to a wonderful lunch or dinner out where you focus on all that went right this year!

Make a list and thank each and every one of those items for coming into fruition in 2016. And then instead of focusing on what didn’t work in 2017, focus on what you want to come to life in 2017. Those two might sound similar, but they are actual very different. One comes from a place of lack and one comes from a place of abundance and reverence for what will likely come in 2017.

Want to share your year with me? 

I’d love to hear what worked for you in 2017 and I’d love to answer any of your questions related to business and growth. So feel free to respond to this email and I will either respond back individually, or include your anonymous question in a blog post.

A big part of my focus and success in 2016 was growing SUPER steady income via my skincare and sugaring memberships. I’m considering creating a course on this so that all types of businesses can learn the secrets I used to create consistent income on a six figure scale without having to work hard. If you’re interested, reply back to me and let me know what some of your questions are and what you’d like to see in a course like this.

And lastly, THANK YOU for being a part of my online community! I know that we don’t always talk a lot, but I think of you all often and I hope that my words and energy have been useful for you over the last year (or 4 years!)




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