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Profit Series: Why most entrepreneurs never break the $1k/mo mark

Profit Series: Why most entrepreneurs never break the $1k/mo mark

Looking back on starting several of my businesses, I realize that the FIRST 1k month was the hardest. Getting all your ducks in a row to put yourself out into the world can be overwhelming. And the to-do’s can seem endless. I’ve seen this with a lot of my Ease and Profits clients, too.


They KNOW what they want to do to make money (i.e. they have a business), and they’ve been told “all the things” they need to DO to make money. But then they freeze. Well, that isn’t exactly right. They keep doing, doing, doing … and their profits freeze.


And if your profits are freezing before you hit the 1k mark, then it isn’t a “comfortable” freeze. It’s a “get my ass out of this cold!” freeze.


So what is preventing a lot of totally capable entrepreneurs from hitting the 1k mark?





Yes – their priorities are in the right place, and they are trying soooo hard, but they are jumbled (even if organized), clueless (even if smart) and wavering (even if confident).


Essentially, they have an idea about what they need to be doing, but they get overwhelmed, try to do too much, or get stuck “thinking” about doing. Their fleeting confidence is shaken, and they start pondering whether or not they can cut this whole entrepreneurship thing.


I get it – I’ve been there.


You see, I’m an action-oriented person. And this can do one well in the land of business-building ( … ’cause we get shit done). BUT, despite this “go get ’em” attitude, I still struggled in the beginning.


Because action without strategy is a recipe for business-building burnout (tweet that)!

So I would get a lot done (learn WordPress, build a website, research booking software, purchase and setup software, create an opt-in, start a mailing list, etc. but I would avoid doing the 1 thing that I needed to do to actually bring in money. Which, for me at the time, was Marketing & Selling.


This doesn’t mean that the other things weren’t needed also (it’s almost ALL “needed” to have a business), but you must be able to pivot your focus so that you can reach profits sooner. This is at the core of my Pivot to Profit™ method. When you can quickly pivot your focus throughout your biz-building journey, you WILL profit sooner – I promise.


Sidenote: If you don’t know where to pivot next, check out my 2 minute quiz with corresponding guide to get you started!


BUT, pivoting perfectly isn’t the only solution.

Because even when you know WHERE to pivot your focus, another issue will arise (if you are human). And it involves fear and resistance. Bleh! This comes up during phases of growth, whether it is your first 1k or your first 10k month.


Stay tuned though; my 2nd post in this profit series is devoted entirely to fear and resistance and how to use them to fuel your fire (rather than put it out).




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