Social Media Reality Check: 3 Tips to Build Your Business Using Social Media

Social Media Reality Check: 3 Tips to Build Your Business Using Social Media

“Yeah … the whole social media thing doesn’t really work for my business.”

That’s a common statement I get from new clients of mine (especially people who run local businesses). Because I spent a little bit of time last month harping on “getting offline” and using “local marketing” to think outside the box and grow your business, I thought it would only be fair to pick on the “social media” haters a little bit today πŸ™‚

If you have no idea what you are doing, social media can feel like a confusing maze with no end in sight. If you don’t know HOW to use it or HOW it impacts your bottom line, it can all seem pointless.

So let’s break down 3 simple things you need to doΒ so that social media can begin to make sense for you, and so that you can build your business using social media:

1. Install Google Analytics onto your Website.

When you sign up for this free account (through your google account), you get a code that you slap into your website. If you use WordPress you will download the plugin (free). If you use some other type of platform like Weebly or Squarespace, they will have another easy way for you to insert this.

What will Google Analytics do for you? Simple: It will change your life! That’s right, you will be able to look at it daily, weekly, or monthly and begin seeing exactly where your prospects are coming from. Fifty percent of the people who hit my site come from Facebook … if I wasn’t tracking that, I would have NO CLUE how amazing Facebook was for my biz!

Want some help with SEO and Analytics? Check out Alistair Gill. Once a month, he will blow your mind by compiling all your analytics into a user-friendly report where he will show you how you are doing compared to previous months, what seems to be working, and suggestions to improve in certain areas (amazing!).

2. Be Strategic in your Social Media Marketing.

If you spend 80% of your time sharing pictures of puppies, then I will think you are the crazy animal lady (not the expert at x,y,z in your field). “But I heard I need to bring my personality to my social media?” True!

Bring “YOU” into social media marketing, but be strategic about it. (Tweet That!)

There is a balance between “crazy cat lady” and “all business.”

Confused? Don’t be. Jackie Johnstone has an amazing free webinar where she breaks down the 4 pillars of social media strategy (attract, educate, engage, advertise). Because when you do a little of each, your social media will begin to pay off (and you’ll see it in your analytics report above!)

3. Pick One Social Media Channel to Focus On

I’m beginning to play with spreading my social media wings, but only because I have a better handle on one in particular (Facebook). If you are trying to be a master Tweeter, Facebooker, Linked In’er, Pinner, etc., then you probably feel frazzled, frenzied and confused.

I always suggest to my clients that they pick one main platform (usually Facbeook, Twitter, or Linked In) that they plan to devote more time to. And then they can gradually incorporate pinning, You Tube videos, and Instagram into these platforms, but not have it take over their focus. Once you get one under your belt, it’s easier to move on to the others.

I personally JUST started making my images “pinnable” and putting easy “tweet it” options into my post. It doesn’t mean I spend all my time on twitter or pinterest, but it does give me a fun way to have others help me share content outside of my main social media channel. Not sure how to add a “Tweet it” into your post? Check out Leah Kalamakis’s short informative video that taught me how!

I know this post isn’t for social media “pros,” but if you are anything like me when I first started out, you might be feeling totally overwhelmed by where to start with it all. The 3 steps above are your first start!

In the comments section let me know which of these tips you can implement immediately. If you’ve already done them all, share which one has made the most impact on your business!

Adios Empire Builders!



16 Responses to Social Media Reality Check: 3 Tips to Build Your Business Using Social Media

  1. I just installed Google Analytics, and I’m kind of obsessed with it. It’s really fun to watch what works and where people come from. Been experimenting with Instagram marketing– that’s pretty fun and it has a built-in video element which is great for my biz. Slowly warming up to social media– this is my weak spot for sure. Thanks, Anna!!

  2. Great post Anna, thanks for sharing. I have been experimenting with Click to Tweets and tracking them via analytics πŸ˜‰

    I definitely need to check out Jackie’s 4 pillars strategy though.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  3. Very different from a lot of social media 101 posts I’ve seen before. Measuring is SUPER importantβ€”and can also be super simple. Google Analytics is a great free tool that EVERY solopreneur should be using to justify the time they spend online.

    Sticking to one or two channels is also brilliant advice. Because social media platforms are generally F-R-E-E, business owners jump on all of them without realizing that what matters is depth of use, not quantity.

    Awesome post!

  4. Great tips! I tell my clients the exact same thing. Start with just one and then branch out. If you try to be active on all of them at the same time, it will get stressful!

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