Is that YOUR fear or did someone put it in your space?

Is that YOUR fear or did someone put it in your space?

Is that YOUR fear or did someone place fear in your space?


Fear has been a hot topic in my life this week, but not because I’m feeling particularly afraid of anything. I didn’t see snakes (which scare the crap out of me) and I didn’t repel down a skyscraper (which ALSO scares the crap out of me!) 


Instead, I began to take a big internal step towards a new creative project/direction and fear crept in. I’m not new to “new creations” or to changes for that matter. I’ve changed so much in the last 10 years that those who know me best likely have whiplash!


But nonetheless, FEAR came in hot and fast like a F-100 Super Sabre (that’s FAST, yo!)


However, this wasn’t MY fear. So, who’s fear was it?


Have you ever made a BIG decision that you KNEW, without a doubt, was the “right” decision for you? Like it hit you, took over your body and sparkled brighter than all the other decisions? It felt so right that your body vibrated in response?


You’re human, so I’m sure you’ve felt this before! It likely isn’t everyday (although that would be AWESOME), but you’ve felt it and you remember it. 




Well, probably not. 


What’s more likely, is that you got this idea, or made the decision, but before you even had a chance to act or speak on this, a wave of doubt came in (p.s. “doubt” is just another form of fear…)


Where did that come from? You were just vibrating so high! You just saw sparkles! WTF?


The thing about being human is that it’s easy to “match” to the energy of people around you (whether you know these people or not). It’s like walking into a family gathering that no one wants to attend. You might be excited about the restaurant or the food, but the energy of suckiness hits you hard the minute you sit down and then before you know it, you are emitting the same sucky vibes you just walked into. More wine anyone??


The interwebs makes it especially easy to do this: 


  • Log into Instagram, match to the emotions of those in your feed (likely a desire to be externally validated for the places they go or the people they know…) 


  • Log into Facebook, match to the ideas of those in that political thread you commented on (even though you PROMISED yourself you would QUIT partaking in the discussion of politics on social media…)


I think you catch my drift.


But the thing about being a TRAINED psychic is that you usually have more awareness surrounding when this “matching” thing is happening. You learn to decipher what energy is YOURS and what energy is NOT yours. So when a shitstorm of energy hits you and whacks you off your balance-beam, you can recognize it for what it is (not YOURS) and then you can read it or have one of your amazing psychic friends read it. You can figure out why it came in and who is dishing it out (sorry you sneaky turkeys, I SEE you!)


So how does this impact you?


Well, if you’re like a lot of people, you are constantly getting energetically walloped for taking pretty awesome steps that actually ARE in the best interest of your soul. The image I see of this is that you’re at a split in the road with a map in your hand. The map is clearly defined, you are to take the path on the right…it will definitely get you closer to where you want to go and the experiences you want to have. So you go to confidently take a step down the path on the right. You are excited about this! 


But before you can even take that first step, you hear a voice that tells you that you’re making the wrong choice. The path on the left is DEFINITELY the “correct” path for you. You don’t know where this voice came from. There is no one within 100 miles and you and only you have this map! 


But it’s too late. Doubt creeps in.


Yes, you have a map and you were soooo excited, but then you heard the voice. Now you aren’t sure what to do. Now you start to second guess yourself and all of a sudden this simple step forward becomes troublesome…maybe even painful! How did this happen (and SO FAST nonetheless??)


You freeze in FEAR. Fear of making the “wrong” decision. So you stay put. It’s uncomfortable, but it seems easier. If you don’t go to the left or to the right, then you can’t be “wrong”, right?


This is the state that I see many people in when they come in for psychic readings (duh…that’s why even though they felt “Crazy”, they signed up for a freakin psychic reading!) They are downright STUCK in the energy of fear. Craziest part…it’s not their own fear. It’s the fear of others that holds them back. Ick! 


How is this possible? Why would people do this?


Well, they “do” this because they want YOU match to THEM. They aren’t ready for you to take the path on the right because that path might take you towards change and change can be scary. This path might take you further from them in spirit (even if your still close to them in body). Plus, it’s more comfortable to hang out with others who are matched to us. It’s like going to a football party with fans of the same team (WAY more comfortable than sharing a living room with your competitors). 


Please note that 95% of the time (made up number), people do NOT know that they are doing this. They are super unaware that they are throwing shade your way! So before you get mad, cut them some slack.


I know, it’s weird to wrap your head around (unless it isn’t…), but this is a REAL thing. The cool thing about being aware of it, is that you can move through the energy. You don’t have to remain stuck in fear. And to be clear, “stuck in fear” is not always as obvious as it sounds. 


There are a ton of people who are stuck in fear who think that they totally have their shit together. You could call these people a little “out of touch” with reality. Unfortunately (or fortunately) their spirit will find a way to make its purpose more clear and it ain’t always pretty. But most people who have had something tragic happen to themselves or others often find the silver lining. The “terrible thing” did something that made them see the world differently or place them on a path that is sooo much more in alignment than the one they were living before. But that’s a whole separate topic. 


So what are your next steps?


You are going to have to look at that for yourself (or hire a psychic!) But quite honestly, the first and most important step is “awareness”. Being aware that the “voices” and “doubts” are likely not yours, is pretty darn helpful. 


We live in a world that puts a lot of weight on “intuition”, but very little weight on how quickly and easily others can infiltrate our intuition. 


For instance, I was a totally unconscious psychic most of my life. This was annoying because I felt like I could only trust my intuition “sometimes”. After all, sometimes it was right and other times it wasn’t. What I didn’t SEE then, that I SEE now, is that others have the ability to put their voices and “pictures” in my space. It’s like this whole time they had the power to dirty my camera lens and I kept wondering why my pictures were turning out so wacky!


A LOT of people spend their entire life living out the expectations of others (usually family) because they have no ability to decipher where their family ends and they begin). So let fear be your guiding light. 


When fear crops up, pull it apart. Look at it. Read it. What does your gut say? Is it yours? Take no prisoners! Your TRUTH does not vibrate at fear (and don’t you forget it). 

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