Back Pocket Strategy

Has this happened to you?

  • A client emails you and asks you if you're willing to lower your rates just this one time...
  • A dream opportunity comes up to be featured in your favorite blog/newsletter/event but you have no idea how to make the most of it...
  • You worked twice as hard this month, but your income hasn't budged and you're too close to the action to be able to see WHY...
  • You KNOW that you need to do {insert marketing item here}, but you KEEP dragging your feet and it's stopping you from growing...

Business is full of surprises (as you know already) and many ups and downs.

You  are officially an entrepreneur, but sometimes doing it all alone is more than you can manage. You are the boss of yourself and you want to laugh, because as far as you can recall, you never applied for this crazy job (and where the hell is that steady paycheck?!)

I've been consulting entrepreneurs for almost 3 years now and here's what I know:

  • Entrepreneurs work better with a partner rather than in a vacuum...
  • Sometimes you just need help NOW and waiting for a month for your next coaching call is NOT going to cut it...
  • Setting goals and being held accountable to meeting them is a necessity, not a luxury if you want to grow your biz smarter and faster...


Which is why I created "Back Pocket Strategy"

EVERY entrepreneur needs accountability, an outside perspective and timely advice (from someone other than their mother).

This service is the bite-sized, strategic BOOST that will keep you and your business moving forwards.


What is it?

Back Pocket Strategy is a service that I created specifically for clients who thrive with on-going support, but don't believe in breaking the budget to get it!

It is designed to provide you with monthly supportstrategy and accountability to keep you on track and on target!

Sound like exactly what you need?

I thought so!

 What's included?

  • One goal-setting email prompt sent at the beginning of each month to get you thinking about EXACTLY what you want to accomplish for the next 30 days.
  • One 30 minute PRIVATE consulting call with me to get CUSTOM advice to grow your empire
  • Two Emergency emails to tackle....emergencies!! (see above list as example)

"I quit my day job after 3 months!"

"Before working with Anna I was at my wit's end! Even though I had made some great progress growing my business on my own, it wasn't enough to quit my day job.

Anna has this amazing superpower where she can intuitively zone in on people's talents. right off the bat she knew the direction I needed to go and she couldn't have been more right!

I took off with her new idea and haven't looked back. Referrals started pouring in and I now have a thriving business. And yes - I was able to quit my day job (and within 3 months of starting our coaching together!"

Billie Gardner

Online Business Manager at Desire to Done


Investment for ongoing support and strategy?

$300 per month

More details:

  • Typically this service is best for those who have worked with me in a larger capacity such as my Pivot to Profit service. 
  • You must agree to these sessions for a minimum of 6 months. 

Want to see if I'm the right fit? Click the button below to set up a free 15 minute call to chat!


"Working with Anna hasn't just changed by business, it's changed my life."

Anna Long-Stokes has singlehandedly changed the way I do business, from fast and furious, to intelligent and methodical.  

She has helped me INCREASE MY PROFITS, MANAGE MY OVERWHELM, and create programs and services that I feel damn good about - working with her hasn't just changed my business, it's changed my life. 

If you have the chance, work with Anna. She has a special power for bringing out the best in people and helping them monetize that magic in a really powerful way.

Jamie Jensen

Copywriter at Your Hot Copy


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