A little bit about me:

While I've always felt a wee bit psychic, it was never anything I felt I had control of and I certainly didn't know how to turn it on or off. I also didn't trust it. When I was 14 my mom took me to a medical intuitive. Her office was sooo peaceful, but definitely weird. It smelt like sage smoke and was full of various stones. I also recall a lot of purple (although I could have just made that part up...)

I don't remember what she healed during that session, but she told my mom that she thought I should join her women's healing classes that were starting up. I was an angry, aimless teen growing up in a small town that didn't feel like home. 

I felt "seen" when I was asked to join this group (which was otherwise full of middle-aged women). I did a spirit journey to find my guardian animals and I learned to heal basic ailments using the energy emitted from my hands. Sometimes my Friday nights were spent healing my friends headaches or period cramps. So in this way, I wasn't "normal", but for once, I felt at home in myself. This was all brand new to me and it was very exciting and felt totally natural. What I didn't realize then, was that I had done this before in many lives. In those few months of training, I reconnected with my magic. 

Then I devoted my life to this work without any distraction...


This was not Harry Potter and I had no Gandalf to light my way. So life went on and I did the "normal" things teens do. I dated, partied and left the small town for the big city. I did school (LOTS of it) and I did work (LOTS of it). I would touch base here and there with the healing form I learned back in that purple office, but I definitely let the magic slip from my life.

But when you have a calling, it will keep CALLING.

Seriously, why else would they call it a "calling"?

My life had taken me to Chicago and I had a career and relationship that were killing me kindly. I had the perfect life on paper and was doing all the "right" things, but I felt like the walking dead. It took death for me to realize that there simply HAD to be more for my life. 

No, I didn't die...but my grandmother did and things began to shift very quickly. 

During my grandmother's passing and after her passing I had experiences that confirmed, without a doubt, that there was life after death and a way to communicate with those who had passed. My uuber "logical" boyfriend would sorta tolerate me as I tried to explain what was happening to me, but mostly, I felt alone and unsure who I could talk to about this pandoras box of energy that was opened up to me upon Grandma's passing.

And so it re-began...

My "belief" in spirit became a "knowing" when I felt my grandmother's presence AFTER her death in the same way that I could BEFORE her death. I could feel her energy when she came in the room and I even saw and felt the bed press down next to me as she came to hug me while I was crying in our her art studio the days surrounding her funeral. 

I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew that for the first time in years, I felt the magic again and I didn't want to let it slip away. I wanted to explore what was possible. 

I packed my bags and moved from Chicago to Portland to begin a new chapter of my life. 

That was 10 years ago. 

I've studied Reiki, Chinese Medicine and bodywork and after years of working on clients have developed my own unique blend of energetic unwinding. 

My path broadened a few years back when I stumbled upon the Portland Psychic School and took an epic meditation class. Again, I felt sooo at-home with this group of super grounded and funny psychics. I went on to complete their Clairvoyant program and Women's Training and am currently on-staff with the school. I had no idea that I would find something like this and that it would change my life so greatly, but I'm forever grateful that I did!

I'm not sure what's next...

But I'm hoping we can figure that out together! I'm a big believer that when we're listening, we find the right people or resources that we need to help us re-connect with our calling. So if you've stumbled on this site and read this far, it's likely that I'm a part of our journey just as much as you are a part of mine. 

I'm passionate about helping others work through their own transformations (whether you consider yourself 'psychic' or not. 


wanna work together?



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